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Our senior leaders found them helpful in setting a context for change and “provoking them from gender ignorance” in a safe environment. Thanks for helping to raise the awareness of the value that our differences can bring to our organization and to our business outcomes.
— Tina L. Gilbert, Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Teva

Leveraging Differences

Our entire focus is on the business value of creating a full partnership between women and men.

Traditional diversity approaches have focused on equity (responsibilities and benefits) and equality
(rights, treatment, safety, etc.). Partnership goes beyond equity and equality to create powerful synergies by leveraging the differing competencies of men and women.

We approach leadership with an inclusionary lens, which requires nuanced non-violent communication and processes to positively include everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality or race.

What We Do

We meet companies and organizations “where they are.”

We offer our Gender Partnership Diagnostic™ which provides an “organizational MRI,” workshops, webinars, and coaching as well as partnering with ERGs to introduce the possibility of gender partnership.

We create scalable, sustainable, and measurable solutions to drive fundamental cultural change for Fortune 500 companies.We use a combination of executive coaching, strategic consulting, and interactive training to produce action-oriented, results-driven change initiatives.

Meet Our Team

Gender Leadership Group is a collaboration of inclusionary leadership professionals who stand for women and men in full partnership in organizations and in our communities.


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Ed and Ray have helped us establish a platform for an inclusive environment that... brought focus to a variety of critical topics that range from “work-life balance to gender partnering.” They do a great job of engaging the participant and being a catalyst for positive change.
— Jeff Keim, Men's ERG at Teva

We are thought leaders in the fields of gender/masculinities, inclusionary leadership, and organizational transformation.

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