Hanson Bridgett Internal Newsletter - Better Man Conference

Hanson Bridgett was proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Better Man Conference 2016, a two-day event in April devoted to "empowered leadership through gender partnership." The ultimate goal of the Better Man Conference is to achieve gender equality. 

A central theme of the conference was that gender equality benefits both men and women, but achieving gender equality is dependent not on greater efforts on the part of women, but on the part of men, who are traditionally in the positions of power and influence.

The speakers emphasized that ensuring women's voices are heard, exploding outdated stereotypes and eliminating unconscious gender biases require affirmative steps from men, each of whom would become a "Better Man." However, this is difficult to do since, in the words of Dr. Michael Kimmel, "Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

The panel of distinguished speakers included Hanson Bridgett's Managing Partner, Andrew Giacomini, who shared his truly moving life experiences that led him to commit to be a great father. Andrew also observed that in the context of a law firm, success in diversity should be measured in terms of compensation, because compensation is the chief indicator of influence in the organization. Andrew noted that nationwide, women are paid about 80% of what men in the same job are paid, but at Hanson Bridgett, the average woman equity partner made more than her male counterpart.

For more information regarding the Better Man Conference and participating organizations, please see www.bettermanconference.com.