Pt. 3 Developing Influence Partners For Gender Equality & Partnership

In the prior videos of this Gender Leadership Group video blog series entitled, A Few Keys To Developing Influence Partners,  Chuck Shelton shared and discussed the first 2 of the 3 following key points:

-I will pursue personal accountability to lead as a male ally to women.
-I will build relationships with trust and reciprocity with women at work.
-I will influence other men as peers and as a male ally to women.

In part 2, he took a closer look at the second key on the list above, "I will build relationships with trust and reciprocity with women at work." which led to a discussion of the three categories of male leader or manager behavior.  These are examined so those committed to advancing gender equality and gender partnership within the organization can look for these traits when ascertaining how to develop plans to engage those men in becoming influence partners to support the cause.

This week he continues the conversation by pointing out the following in relation to building relationships with trust and reciprocity:

-Respect and Candor:  Typically men view candor as an expression of respect.  When men provide direct feedback and aren't afraid to give it for fear of a woman's response, respect and candor can work together to build the gender partnership relationship.

-Humility and Courage:   Men often need to give humility attention and women often more courage.  Sometimes as men lean in and step up to lead in the gender equality or gender partnership arena, there are women who are often cynical and feel hopeless.  It may take courage for them to be open to the possibility that men may show up differently and more usefully in regards to gender equality and gender partnership.  That courage is important because it's tough to lead to great results if one is coming from a cynical place.

-Care and Complexity:  If you want to lead, you have to care about our human beings.

In addition to the above, he addresses key point 3, "I will influence men as peers as a male ally to women.", shares insight on research called, "The White Men's Leadership Study" and more in part 3.  To watch the video now on the Gender Leadership Group video blog, click on the video below.  

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