The Power of Heart For Inclusionary Leaders

Thank you to the US National Committee for UN Women - San Francisco Bay Chapter for honoring Ray Arata, Co Founder of Gender Leadership Group and the Founder of the Better Man Conference with the #HeForShe Male Champion of Change Award and for being a great partner in the Better Man Conference.  

Women, imagine in your families, communities and organizations that the men in your life are connected to their emotions and can be with your emotions and show you theirs in a non reactionary way, wouldn't feel threatened by your contribution, rather they'd insist on it, that you were truly valued and respected for who you are as a person. How would that feel? 

Men, imagine winning at home and at work. See yourself as an inclusionary leader who comes from the heart, that from your empathy and ability to feel and experience your emotions you successfully leverage and maximize the value of different viewpoints of the men and women on your team and as a result your teams are optimum, more innovation and better decision making, that the women you live and work with are closer to you as a result. Imagine if you have a daughter, sister, girlfriend, mother or partner thanking you for being a stand up guy and leveling the playing field for them and other men wanting to align with you to step up as well. 

Ray Arata, UN Women's HeForShe Champion For Change describes The Power of The Heart for Inclusionary Leaders as he shares his vision for gender equality and gender partnership within our personal and professional lives along with other closing statements at the inaugural Better Man Conference 2016 by Gender Leadership Group.

This talk takes place in front of an audience made up of corporate leaders from organizations including Microsoft, Ebay, PwC, PG&E, Genentech, Hanson Bridgett, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Visa and more.

Better Man Conference sponsors include: PG & E, Hanson Bridgett, Genentech, Mankind Project, PwC, San Francisco Giants, and the 3% Conference.

Marketing partners include: Lean In, The Bay Area Council, The Representation Project, Anita Borg Institute, WiRL, Institute For Women's Leadership, Institute For Gender Partnership, Griggs Productions, Women In Technology International

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