Profit more, ask women where to spend money.

Might your organization profit more if women are included in deciding where to spend the money for business development?

In last week's video, Rayona Sharpnack, Founder of The Institute For Women's Leadership suggested that some leaders possibly feel torn between taking the stand for advancing women through gender partnership and equality by being a courageous advocate because it could make them disloyal to the male fraternity or "the man".  In one way or another both diversity and inclusion leaders indicated they'd stand up for what they believe in.  Andrew Giacomini of Hanson Bridgett, the #4 legal company for women to work at is the "Man" or in charge himself as a Managing Partner of the company.  In the video below he acknowledges that as a leader he needs to be willing to point out inequality and that he has much to learn himself about gender partnership and equality.  

He then suggests that sports analogies in business discussions at work with your team may be exclusionary to those not interested in sports (often women) and that it's more than language that needs to change.  He indicates they spend an enormous amount of money trying to get clients on the golf course, in a suite at the (Golden State) Warriors game or at other sporting events and that it's probably not where most women would first choose to spend the business development money to get clients for themselves.

Could you or your team gain more opportunities to expand your revenue by reallocating some of your business development funds under the direction of qualified women?  Watch the conversation and learn more in this video below.