Wholeness As A Man Includes Being Caring, Sensitive, Vulnerable & More.

In this video, former NFL player, college football hall of famer and feminist, Don McPherson continues his discussion on healthy masculinity by pointing out that being loving, caring,sensitive, passive, submissive, vulnerable and empathetic isn't feminine, it's part of his wholeness as a man.

The video starts with him continuing the discussion about how he (and many other men) learned what it meant to be a man long ago by hearing statements that included , "You throw like a girl." which is misogynistic and sexist or "Man up.", "Suck it up.", "Don't cry" or don't show emotion which lead to  a very narrow definition of masculinity.

He goes on to point out that society generally teaches men what "not to be" vs. what "to be" in their wholeness and further discusses how to develop young boys in to men with healthy masculinity.

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