Thank You WITI!

Thank you for connecting at the WITI Summit.

We've prepared some actionable items for you to take back to your company below.

We create scalable, sustainable, and measurable solutions to drive fundamental cultural change for Fortune 500 companies. We use a combination of executive coaching, strategic consulting, and interactive training to produce action-oriented, results-driven change initiatives.

Takeaways for Your Company

Take these tests to uncover your unconscious biases:

- Harvard's Project Implicit

- Social Psychology Network's Unconscious Association Test

Download Worksheets

Download the full pack of introductory worksheets from the Gender Leadership Group here

Better Man Conference 2017 Recap here.


  1. The Gender Partnership Process

  2. Overview of the Roll-Out Process

  3. Introducing Gender Partnership to Your Organization

  4. Our suite of introductory services, workshops, and programs

  5. Top 8 Ways to Engage Men in Gender Partnership in Your Workplace

  6. Sample communication tools and tactics.

  7. Sample Exercise: Bias Scavenger Hunt

  8. Fact Sheet

  9. Executive Summary of Strategy