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What is Gender Partnership?

Traditional diversity approaches have focused on equity (actions and treatment of others) and equality (equal rights, treatment, etc.). Partnership goes beyond equity and equality to create powerful synergies by leveraging the differing competencies of men and women.

What is Healthy Masculinities?

Although this is a subjective cultural term, these are the general pillars we employ:

  1. Respect and empathy for others (this covers gender, sexuality, race, age, general “otherness”)
  2. Peaceful communication, interaction, and relationships with others
  3. Commitment to some form of consistent self-awareness and self-mastery
  4. Acceptance of the responsibility of leadership and teamwork

Why is “Masculinities” plural?

This simply acknowledges that there are multiple definitions of “what it means to be masculine” and therefore it frees us up to culturally redefine masculinity for a modern era.

Global Women's Leadership Summit

"Three Generations of Gender-Conscious Men"

The Global Women's Leadership Summit brings together the women's leadership community - globally recognised women (and men) who are truly pioneering progress and understand what it takes to break through the barriers to growth.

Business Matters with Chip Adams

Ed Gurowitz on Gender Partnership

In this interview with Chip Adams, Dr. Ed Gurowitz discusses unconscious bias, sexism, and how to affect a company's bottom line with gender partnership. 

“This is the legacy that I want to leave and the impact my partners want to have... we want a world where people are treated fairly.”
— Dr. Ed Gurowitz


How Great Men Think Alike

Dale Thomas Vaughn speaks about the crisis of masculinity, the 3 ways great men think alike and the one big barrier to greatness that all men must face.

Huff Post Live

How Masculinity Can Help Promote Gender Equality

Dale Thomas Vaughn speaks about the International Conference of Masculinities in New York City.

Click here to watch entire Video Interview.

The first International Conference on Masculinities convenes in New York with the aim to engage men and boys for gender equality. We are joined by conference participants to discuss what masculinity looks like today and what's next for the movement.

The Art of Charm Podcast

Healthy Masculinity

Actions + goals = authentic power.

“My biggest fear is to look back on a mediocre life and wonder what went wrong.”
- Dale Thomas Vaughn

What is healthy masculinity? On this show we talk a lot about what isn’t healthy, behavior like the alpha male syndrome or the opposite: acting like a doormat. But what does it mean be a healthy male? According to our guest for episode 352 it means being a good guy with an authentic purpose, and also helping other good guys do good things.

Dale Thomas Vaughn would know, he runs the Global Center for Healthy Masculinities and is the editor of leadership at The Good Men Project. Today we discuss healthy masculinity and its partner in crime, goal-setting. Listen in to hear how these are related, and so much more on episode 352 of The Art of Charm.

5 Reasons Why 6-Week Goals Are Better


The shininess of the new calendar will wane once we get closer to February… and all of those feelings of positive momentum can wear off as well if you’re not still motivated this time next month.

Most people don’t even write down their resolutions anywhere meaningful, so looking back on 12 months in late December always feels hollow. In my experience with coaching professionals on goal-setting, the best way to shift your habits is to set out consecutive 6-8 week projects that feel motivating. Basically at the beginning and end of each quarter, you’ll set project goals and then measure them respectively.


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