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Engaging Men in Equity and Inclusion.

Our Mission:

Engage Men in Equity & Inclusion.

The Inclusionary Leadership Group is a collaboration of intersectional leadership professionals standing with women and men in full partnership across lines of gender, sexual orientation, race in organizations, and our communities.

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Our Mission

The ILG mission is approaching leadership with an inclusionary lens, which requires nuanced non-violent communication and intentional systems to positively include everyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality or race. The goal of inclusion is to engage every single person to their fullest potential – to create a true meritocracy built around an individual’s contribution to the team and ultimately to the organization.


"The Inclusionary Leadership Group team are exceptionally talented and experienced in the areas of gender equity, ally-ship and many more areas of focus. They consistently stay on the leading edge of their field and are masterful at establishing and leveraging relationships to not only benefit their own research and offerings, but also those of their clients and friends. The Better Man Conferences that they host are world-class and always deliver a wide array of actionable tactics and strategies that participants can take back to their networks and companies to implement."

Chris Crace, Veterans Advocacy Leader Diversity &

Inclusion COE PwC